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Glucose Oxidase System
Auto coding
0.5 µL sample size
7 second test time
Highly Accurate¹
Alternate site testing
250-test memory


Q: What makes the GLUCOCARD Vital different from other systems?

A: Every person who needs to monitor his/her blood glucose has individual preferences. That is why there are many options in the market. GLUCOCARD Vital features include Auto Coding, AST, 7 second test time, and 0.5 µL sample size.

Q: What is "auto coding"?

A: There is no need to physcially code the GLUCOCARD Vital. Coding is accomplished simply by inserting a test strip into the meter - and the meter takes care of the rest!

Q: What is the sample size of the GLUCOCARD Vital?

A: A 0.5 µL sample is required.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The meter requires one 3V CR2032 battery. Generally, the battery should last approximately 2,000 tests at 4 tests per day.

Q: Do I need to reset the time after the batteries have been replaced?

A: No meter settings or stored test results will be altered unless you:

  • Touch the metal portion on the main unit with your fingers or any metal.
  • Take over 30 seconds to replace battery.
  • Load the battery incorrectly.
  • Insert a used or weak battery.

Q: What is the strip shelf-life?

A: Test strips have a 24-month shelf-life expiration and are good for up to 3-months after opening. Remember to write the date you opened the test strip bottle in the space provided.

Q: Can I use the GLUCOCARD Vital system if I am undergoing oxygen therapy?

A: The GLUCOCARD Vital may yeild false results for those undergoing oxygen therapies. (The chemistry of the Vital test strip is Glucose Oxidase.) If you are undergoing oxygen therapies, the GLUCOCARD X-METER system may be a better option for you.

Q: Is the GLUCOCARD Vital system affected by maltose and/or icodextrin?

A: No, maltose and/or icodextrin do not affect the GLUCOCARD Vital system.

Q: Does the GLUCOCARD Vital display test results in both mg/dL and mmol/L?

A: No, the GLUCOCARD Vital is programmed to display only mg/dL in the US.

Q: Is the GLUCOCARD Vital Blood Glucose Meter whole blood or plasma referenced?

A: GLUCOCARD Vital is plasma referenced.

Q: How do I clean the GLUCOCARD Vital and how often?

A: Clean the outside of the meter with a damp cloth only. Dirt, dust, blood, control solution, or water entering the meter could cause damage.

Q: What type of lancet is included in the GLUCOCARD Vital Kit?

A: The meter kit contains a 28 gauge general purpose lancet.


Glucose Oxidase System
Auto coding
0.5 µL sample size
7 second test time
Highly Accurate¹
Alternate site testing
250-test memory

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